Welcome to the Seiki Community Area

The focus of this space is on supporting the activities of the Seiki Community in the UK and facilitating the sharing of Seiki with others who may not yet have had contact with Seiki.

It will hopefully evolve over time as more individuals are involved in contributing to it.

A few words on human organisations and community...

Human beings have a habitual tendency to fix themselves into organisational hierarchies, it happens almost instaneously as we meet others and make judgement comparisons between ourselves and the other.

As well as often being mis-informed, such structures often become inflexible and a barrier to truth itself, which like nature continuously evolves and grows.

Community is essential though for sharing what each of us have to contribute for the benefit of the whole, for nurturing growth and for support when one tries to walk forward in life while all those around seem intent on not doing so.

With a little caution and mindfulness, hopefully this space will prove useful to us.

The Seiki Community Newsletter Mailing List

There is now a Seiki community mailing list for all news and events relating to Seiki Soho in the UK. Newsletter emails will be kept to a minimum, once a month or less.

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Essays by members of the Seiki Community

Contributions here, are from individuals and so are subjective even if the writer tries to be otherwise.

It is also likely that people will change their view over time as they develop personally and so whatever is written here is merely a snap-shot of an individual reflection of Seiki at the date written. Interesting nonetheless.

Nb. A small beginning...

The Conditions of Spring
By Alice Whieldon

For more information on Seiki we recommend a book by Akinobu Kishi & Alice Whieldon:
"Sei-Ki, Life in Resonance, The Secret Art of Shiatsu" : available on Amazon.co.uk

If you have further questions, then it should be okay to contact any of the following people via their websites.

This list is under-development.

Keith Stewart's website : Life Movement Foundation. Wa-Do Way of Harmony : Seiki, Shiatsu, Waraku.

Alice Whieldon's website : Seiki, Shiatsu

Mark Burton, Brighton Natural Health Centre : Seiki in Brighton

Daniella Coronelli's website - Life Healing Arts : Seiki, Shiatsu, Amerta Movement.

Anthony Fidler's website - EasternPeace : Taichi, Zen, Seiki, Aromatherapy.

Seiki in Belgium : Seiki Soho Belgium


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